update: avs bugflector ii, fxr 3.0, 5five ballasts, 5000k bulbs, blacked housings #retrofit #theretrofitsource #morimoto #hid. #bugflector #4runner #toyota #loyaltoyota @loyaltoyota @jeeprecoveryteam

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2000 4runner SR5 4WD

My 2000 4runner

Daystar 1in lift spacer

Front Toyota Bilstein Shocks

FZJ80 Land cruiser rear 7.75 coil rear springs

FJCruiser rear shocks

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO Tires 285/75R16

1/4” Wheel Spacers

Lowered/Slammed/Hellaflushed etc cars….

Serious question. Why is it that I see so many pictures of slammed cars… off the road for a picture… as in parked on the grass, field, dirt, gravel, etc… I can see cars that rally and such doing it, but I’m talking about the really low ones that try to be a nickel away from the ground.

Complains about dips, speed bumps/bumps, whatever else…. but take pictures off road…. what?

Does anyone else know why that is? I am actually really curious about why they do that. Not hating on anything, I just don’t see how that even makes any sense really.

I think they should leave the off roading to the big boys :)

ain’t she pretty all muddy :)

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#4runner #4X4 #toyota #desert (Taken with Instagram)

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<3 my Yota #toyota #4runner #car #happy (Taken with Instagram)

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Sadly I wasn’t able to go camping but I stayed up 36+ hours so I could meet my friends to go wheelin and shooting for a couple hours before work.. this is his 4runner he’s had since highschool named delilah towed it with his dodge. It was such a blast that day! :)

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Sarah actually drove up here, to Fort Collins, to surprise me on our 1 month anniversary. She and my roommate covered my 4runner in sticky notes and then Sarah got me flowers. THAT IS SO SWEET. oh my god c: so cute. I am so incredibly happy with her :) 

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Both the vehicles washed and ready for the trip next week #4runner #civic #camping (Taken with Instagram)

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Updated view of the 4Runner after it was washed, waxed, and inspected.

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